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38500 €
The journey begins in the workshops Elie Bleu located near Paris ... Four to six months during which 35 specialized craftsmen tirelessly cut, plan, adjust, sand, varnish, polish, sheath, mark, control... repeating these operations until perfection.
It continues with the brand 2 Saints which continues to innovate in its workshops of the House Tournaire and the foundry of art Solyfonte, companies recognized for their excellence in craftsmanship in goldsmith and jewelery. From this meeting between the two Houses was born an exclusive collaboration around the realization of exceptional cigar humidors. Tailor-made creations from a unique combination of know-how: marquetry, cabinetmaking and goldsmithing.
The ornaments surrounding the "Empire" cigar humidor are perfect replicas of historical pieces dating from the Napoleonic Empire. We find the eagles of the Empire made of bronze patinated by hand in the old style.

This cigar humidor was made with dappled sapelli (Entandrophragma Cylindricum) from Africa. This wood is highly prized by architects and cabinet makers for the realization of furniture.

Limited edition of 8 copies
Wood: Sapelli dappled
Capacity: 750 cigars
Dimensions: 650 x 400 x 250 mm
Only on order with 4 months delay

Export price (except EEC) : 32,083.33 €





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