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Wood, being living material, we recommend keeping this object away from any source of heat : track lighting, radiators, overheated display cases, direct sunlight... Lacquered surfaces can be cleaned with the aid of a cotton cloth lightly saturated with water diluted alcohol or a spray for window pane.




1- Filling of the humidifier(s) with demineralised water without additives or dyes.
2- Let the humidifiers open in the cabinet for 3 days.
3- Refill with water and reposition the humidifiers always open, leave again 3 days.
4- Check the hygrometry if the humidity is around 65 to 70%, the box is ready to receive the cigars.
5- Do not soak the walls of the cabinet with a sponge or a damp cloth.
6- Regulate the humidity with the opening of the grid




The hygrometer of the cigar box is maintained by a metal cup (photo). To extract it the most effective way is to pull with the index finger and push with the thumb (photo).


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