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182 €
2016 marked Elie Bleu’s 40th Year. To celebrate this milestone, we have some amazing product introductions including the launch of a complete line of elite smoking accessories. For the first time, Elie Bleu has introduced a collection of Cigar lighting instruments.
The PLANO J-12 collection is a double sided wide Jet Flame Lighter vailable in 5 stunning finishes.

Exclusive Double E Torche Wide Flame Burner System
3Square Air Filtration
Carbon Fuel Filter
Side Ignition
Fuel View Tank Window with Level Gage
Half Moon Flame Adjuster
Inverted Ignition Fuel Shut Off System.
Tank Fuel Capacity: 1.2 grams
Japanese Lacquer: Japanese lacquer is poured on the body of the lighter, sanded, poured and polished.
Platinum Plated Finishes: The most expensive metal used to make luxury jewellery in the world
Micron Gold Plating
Made in Japan

Export price (except EEC) : 151.67 €





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